Calling all contributors!

Hey all, I know Bridgetown is a very new project, so it’ll take some time to get established and see usage in various contexts in order to obtain feedback and new perspectives from the open source community. But all that aside, we’re totally jazzed to receive contributions in all forms and welcome your input! This could be in the areas of:

  • Improved documentation

  • Sample website repos (for Jekyll or even other SSGs) we could help migrate to Bridgetown, even as just a test

  • Bug reports

  • Feature requests

  • And, of course, submitted code in the form of pull requests

But let’s not forget as well the importance of education—writing blog posts, recording videos, and the like. I’m hoping to start a screencast series on Bridgetown pretty soon, but the more the merrier!

As always, feel free to comment here or reach out to me personally with any questions or ideas. Happy Bridgetowning!