So, I’m trying to port my blog over from Middleman. It’s fairly basic, I’ve:

My problem right now is that it looks like webpack isn’t running. When rendering the page the CSS and JS links in the HEAD are coming out wrong:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="[MISSING_WEBPACK_MANIFEST](view-source:http://localhost:4000/posts/MISSING_WEBPACK_MANIFEST)" />
<script src="[MISSING_WEBPACK_MANIFEST](view-source:http://localhost:4000/posts/MISSING_WEBPACK_MANIFEST)" defer></script>

Additionally, output from bridgetown serve when I load pages says:

[2020-07-13 22:46:01] ERROR `/MISSING_WEBPACK_MANIFEST' not found.

Alas there’s no other useful output being thrown around that I can see. My current code looks like this (ignore the source/www folders for the moment, they’re just old content that I expect Bridgetown is ignoring).

Hi Jamie! First off, I want to apologize for the broken tailwind automation. I just renamed it yesterday and apparently it slipped past my CI that the tests were failing with the rename.

Secondly, I’ve been poking through your repo on my phone and can’t find anything right off the bat that is off. I don’t have time tonight (it’s 3am here) but I’ll be happy to take a look either tomorrow or possibly Wednesday and see if I can help resolve this.

I just pulled down the repo. I am not running into the missing webpack manifest error. Im on Ubuntu 20.04, not sure what OS youre using. Anyways, the only error I came across is you have your assets in the frontend directory instead of the src/ directory.

Hey Jamie — it sounds to me like the Webpack bundle hasn’t actually been built yet…have you run one of the commands via yarn, like yarn build or yarn start?


Chalk that up to different environments - I’m used to Middleman being in charge, where middleman serve manages the webpack pipeline. I had assumed bridgetown serve would be equivalent but it ain’t.

yarn start has me up and running with webpacker, Bridgetown reloads, and frontend live sync of changes - thanks!